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Rep Revive Lawyers

Product Services: Criminal, Employment, & Entertainment Lawyers Sydney


Rep-Revive Criminal & Employment Lawyers® firm aims to restore the damage to its clients Reputation at a fair price. Rep-Revive’s® logo as such is the phoenix rising from the ashes. Rep-Revive® also endeavors to bring the fight for justice, truth and fairness through legal representation to those charged with criminal or traffic offences. Along with, seeking rightful remedies to those unfairly dismissed or adversely affected by either their Employers, Employees or Independent Contractors. Drawing on more than a decade of experience helping clients with a broad spectrum of matters we truly understand your rights and obligations. At Rep-Revive Criminal & Employment Lawyers® we know every side has two stories. If instructed we will defend yours. At Rep-Revive® we are “always in your corner” and can be depended upon when the times are tough.


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