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Fiona Begg

Fiona Begg

EMPOWERING SELF CARE WITH FIONA YOUR PRACTITIONER: Fiona is an Acupuncturist and healer of 30 years experience, dedicated to assisting and guiding her clients on their journey to health and wellness. She began her journey in 1988 when she studied Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in Melbourne. Her career took an exciting turn in 2001 when she discovered Japanese style Acupuncture, called Toyohari, and she has since dedicated her studies to perfecting that healing art form. Fiona has studied Acupuncture in Australia, China, Japan, Hawaii, Taiwan and New Zealand. She has published a research paper on Tongue Diagnosis in Japanese Acupuncture and is a Toyohari teacher. Fiona has also studied and prescribed Australian Bush Flower Essences for many years and has completed studies in Acceptance Commitment Therapy. As well as her face to face consultations Fiona is offering wellness coaching appointments via telehealth. Great for those who live in remote areas and unable to easily access healthcare practitioners. Drawing on her unique combination of experience and skills these sessions assist people to empower themselves by prescribing treatment and techniques tailored to suit their individual needs that they can do at home. An online healing session involves a thorough history taking followed by an assessment from a Chinese Medicine Perspective. Treatment will be drawn from Acupressure and Dietary/Lifestyle/Exercise advice from a Chinese Medicine perspective. Australian Bush Flower Essences and Acceptance Commitment Therapy will also be used as appropriate to help address emotional issues.

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