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Do you struggle with relationship difficulties, from intimate partners to friendships? Whether it be from infidelity, monogamy or navigating ethical non-monogamy, to dishonesty, trust, boundary setting or simply the courage to express your needs. Have you been deeply hurt in a relationship and at a loss as to how to heal and where to go from here? Do you need to break free of people pleasing patterns and the anxiety and guilt around being authentic to your needs? Do you struggle with the courage to express your needs? Do you find it hard even identifying what your needs are because you’ve lived your life making sure everyone else is ok, resulting in a loss of connection to yourself? Has co-dependency or fear of getting too close haunted you within your relationships? Do you recognise a pattern of abuse in current or past relationships? Are there questions you hold around sex and sexuality that have been buried through shame and guilt that you’re needing to move through, yet have felt unable to through embarrassment or lack of safety? Have you noticed you’re triggered by people or situations, but you’re not quite sure why or how to deal with them? Are there things that have happened to you in the past that you think may be shaping your reactions to present events or situations? Whether that reaction is physical like, breathlessness, bodily pain, anxiety, overwhelm and nervousness to verbal anger, aggression or sadness…

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